The Reporter

The Reporter is a computer-based installation that mixes and recombines words used in online news stories. In 2009, it was shown at the studios of WGBH in Boston as part of Boston Cyberarts Festival 2009.

The Reporter can be shown either as a projection or on a display. Viewers see letters from collected words floating freely in an animated typographic cloud. At regular intervals, letters from the cloud move to become words and make original statements.

During an installation, the Reporter's vocabulary is regularly updated. Its sources can be tailored to a specific location or specific topics. During the installation at WGBH, its sources included WGBH related programming such as NPR, PBS and the BBC as well as Boston area newspapers and blogs.

A five minute clip of The Reporter using words gathered November 16, 2011 is available onYouTube.
To download an application (Mac only) to see the Reporter in action, click here.