Detail of Air Current(s) 2.0

Air Current(s) 2.0

A 2014 installation of Air Current(s) at Duke University’s Wegner Gallery in Environment Hall gave me an opportunity to develop a version in which color indicates wind direction. During an installation of Air Current(s) 2.0 in the “2016 Department of Art Biennial” at the Turchin Center for Visual Arts, live wind data was saved and used to generate a wind drawing for each day of the exhibition. The prints were then displayed in the gallery.

In 2015, I used Air Current(s) 2.0 to generate an animated drawing with historical wind data. With data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climatic Data Center collected for the 2012 at La Guardia Airport in New York City, I was able to create a visualization of wind conditions for the whole year. Hurricane Sandy’s effect can be seen shortly after the 30:00 mark in the video below. Data collected in Cincinnati, OH during 2014 was used for an installation of Air Current(s) 2.0 in the “Scientificous” exhibition at Manifest in Cincinnati.