Randomly generated statement by The Political Reporter on Super Tuesday

The Political Reporter

Virtual political echo chamber

The Political Reporter makes original statements with words that are randomly chosen from websites for news organizations, political candidates and bloggers. Coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign can be found on the website for The Political Reporter: Web Edition.

An automated process gathers tens of thousands of words that become the project’s lexicon. Some of these words are randomly chosen to appear in an animated cloud of red and blue letters. Blue letters were used in liberal sources and red letters in conservative sources. Periodically, some letters move to make a statement. These statements can be insightful or humorous. They can also be offensive or just plain wrong. As each statement’s letters return to the typographic cloud, their words are randomly replaced with words in the lexicon.

In 2012, The Political Reporter was shown in Charlotte, NC during the Democratic National Convention where it was projected onto the blank twelve story wall of UNC Charlotte’s Center City building—just four blocks from the convention center. Later, for two weeks around Election Day, it was on view at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in Winston-Salem, NC.