November 29, 2005
Mansfield, Massachusetts


Inspiration for these drawings came from a leaf. While cross-country skiing, I came across an oak leaf with its stem stuck in the snow. As the wind blew, the leaf spun and its edges made marks in the snow. Back home, I cut some plastic bottles into different shapes and tied each one to a stick in the snow. Left all day to blow in the wind, the plastic cut into the snow making a record of the day’s wind conditions. Wanting a more permanent record, I constructed an apparatus to suspend a pen outfitted with sails over paper. Each drawing here is a record of one day’s wind conditions. Curiosity about the forces behind each drawing led me to develop the digital wind drawing processes that followed.

In 2015, after a long hiatus from analog wind drawings, I started making them again. I have been experimenting with different papers and pens, trying to find the right combination that works well in the weather conditions where I live.