December 1, 2012–November 30, 2013
Double Eagle Airport, New Mexico


A friend asked me to create a wind drawing to be given as a wedding present. The wedding took place in July 2013 near Poughkeepsie, New York and my friend asked if the drawing could be generated with data that related to the time and place of the wedding. All drawing processes developed before this one use wind data that I have collected myself. This process marks the first time I have used another data set.

I couldn’t find a data source for the day of the wedding with enough data to make an interesting drawing. The data I found was only taken every hour. A drawing generated with data from only that day seemed too empty. To make the drawing more complex, I used data for the entire month of July and developed a variation of the drawing process used in Process.2012.02. Colors is used to code wind conditions on different days.

With the wedding present commission complete, I was curious to see what drawings based on data collected at other locations would look like. I always have a hard time finding a gift for my father. With the holidays approaching, I tried a drawing generated with data collected over a year at a place with significance to my father. This time, color is keyed to the months when the data was collected.